This area offers the opportunity to practice many nature activities during all year long.


We can suggest you cultural and leisure activities to enjoy in the Solsonès area and surroundings.

Hikes and trails

Walks, trails and excursions for all levels and ages. We can inform and recommend some walks and excursions depending on your interests.

Mountain bike routes

Combine sport and nature and discover this incredible area pedalling. We can inform and recommend some routes depending on your interests.

Anar a buscar bolets

A la tardor els boscos del Solsonés us ofereixen una agradable sorpresa. Veniu a collir bolets. N'hi ha per a tothom: rovellons, llenegues, fredolics, camagrocs... Gaudireu de la natura i us divertireu.

Ski and snowshoes at Port del Comte

Ski resort with more than 35 ski slopes for all levels. Only 17km away for the house.

Nordic skiing at Tuixent la-Vansa

Nordic skiing, mountain and nature in one single place. Marked routes to do either skiing or in snowshoes and rental material.

Kayak and canoening

Don’t miss Pantà de la Llosa del Cavall i al Pantà de Sant Ponç activities. Kayaks and paddle surf rental, classes, guided excursions and all kind of water activities.


Fly over Vall de Lord and admire its beauty with a bird’s eye-view. An unforgetable experience.

Climbing and via ferratas

Many rock-climing routes and via ferratas are available on Roca de Canalda wall.

Rivera Salada Golf

A golf camp surrounded by pines and oak trees to practice this sport in a familiar and cozy atmosphere.

Zoo del Pirineu

A very special zoo where you will be able to see wild animals from our area. A part from that, this is a wounded and mistreatment animal rescue center. Don’t miss the bird of prey’s free flight show!

Les Salines de Cambrils

Relax and uplift energy in these salt water therapeutic baths surrounded by a historic site completely renovated.

Cardona Salt mine

The Salt Mountain is a unique natural phenomenon in the world and is still growing as the rain erodes it. Descend to a depth of 86 metres and enjoy the spectacle of the shapes and textures of the salt massif.


The Solsonès sky is one of the best skies to gazes stars, constallations and planets. Enjoy an interesting, different and magic astronomy evening.


The house surroundings and the Solsonès area are a privilege enviroment for orchid observation, small vegetal treasures. We can inform where to go to admire and see these spcial flowers.


If you like birdwatching, here you will be able to watch many unique and amazing species like the bearded vulture, the black vulture, the owl or the capercaillie. Different companies offer guided tours, workshops and the needed material to watch those birds.

Baroque surrounding

The Solsonès area has kept an important part of the Spanish Baroque heritage in different religious buildings. In 2016 a new exhibition space was opened and a Baroque route presented to get to know the different locations where you can admire this art.

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